Proudly Supporting Vermont's Home Energy Providers

If you currently use heating oil or propane, you can save money and reduce your fuel consumption by 25% to 40% simply by upgrading your heating equipment. Air sealing and insulation will help you save even more.

If you are looking for an efficiency expert to help show you the way, Vermont's Home Energy Providers have joined with Efficiency Vermont to make sure you are getting the best advice on how to stay safe and warm. The Efficiency Excellence Network is designed to make it easier for homeowners to make energy improvements. Click here to find a heating service company in your area here.

Vermont residents can access financial incentives and low interest loans for installing high efficiency oilheat and propane equipment. Click here to apply for a Heat Saver Loan or here to find out how you can earn up to $2100 in rebates for home energy improvements.

If you are trying to save energy and money, it is important to understand the true cost of converting your existing heating system to another source versus making your home more energy efficient. Converting from oilheat to natural gas can cost more than $10,000. The cost only increases once the tank and fill pipes are removed as required by Vermont law.

Click here to learn more about the true cost of converting and the benefits of oilheat.