Proudly Supporting Vermont's Home Energy Providers

VFDA Executive Board


Manny Fletcher, Fyles Brothers Inc.


Jack Corse, Jack F. Corse, Inc.


Steve Goodrich, Kelly Fuels


Scott Moore, Johnson Energy, Inc.

Scott Allard, Rowley Fuels

Bill Anderson, Suburban Propane

Marcia Booth, Main Care Energy

Peter Bourne, Bourne’s Energy

Kinson Craft, Simple Energy

Rick Fleming, Dead River Company

Chris Keyser, Keyser Energy

Karen Gillespie Korrow, Gillespie Fuels & Propane

Judy Taranovich, Proctor Gas

Bob Young, Eastern

VFDA bylaws require that a third of the Executive Board is elected every year.  

Executive Officers are elected every two years by the Executive Board. 

VFDA Staff

Matt Cota

Executive Director

Stephanie Austin

Office Manager

Donna Pollard