Office of Home Heating

Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program

Program Description:  The Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program helps low-income families pay a portion of their home heating bills.  Assistance is for home owners or renters who pay for heat or who have heat included in the rent  (heated renters).

Eligibility Criteria:  Monthly GROSS income up to 185% of federal poverty levels (adjusted annually).  There are no resource limits. 

Benefit Payments:  For all eligible households, a single benefit is paid between November and April (firewood / wood pellet payments start in September). 

For households who pay for heat and their primary fuel type is oil, kerosene, propane, natural gas, or electric, fuel assistance benefits are paid to the fuel supplier.  

For households who pay for heat and their primary fuel type is firewood, or wood pellets benefits are paid by check to the household. 

For households who have heat included in their rent, benefits are paid by check to the household beginning in December.  Benefit amounts are based on income and average annual heating costs.

Organization:     Agency of Human Services

                            Department for Children & Families/Economic Services Division

                            Office of Home Heating Fuel Assistance


Service Area:     Statewide

Address:             Application/Document Processing Center

                            103 South Main Street

                            Waterbury VT 05671-1500

Telephone:         Benefit Services Center Toll Free  1-800-479-6151 

By establishing a Customer ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) applicants have access to specific information about their application through the Automated Information System 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Customer Service Representatives are available during normal business hours.              

Crisis Fuel Program

Program Description:  Emergency fuel, and metered utility (electric and VT Gas Systems) disconnection, and furnace repairs or replacements.  Crisis Fuel and After Hours Emergency Fuel Program for Families with monthly GROSS income up to 200%  of poverty level.   Operates last Monday in November to last Friday in April. 

Organizations:  Five community action agencies serve all of Vermont based on service areas.   All agencies have more than one office location.  Contact the agency closest to you based on the counties listed. Note:  because of geography, not all towns in every county are part of an agency’s service area.  When in doubt, we recommend you call first to confirm.

Community Action Agencies

BROC - Community Action in Southwestern Vermont

      Rutland - 60 Center Street, 1-800-717-BROC or (802) 775-0878

      Bennington - 332 Orchard Road, (802) 447-7515


Central Vermont Community Action Council (CVCAC)

      Barre - 195 US RT 302, 1-800-639-1053 or (802) 479-1053

      Randolph - 35 Ayers Brook Road, 1-800-846-9506 or (802) 728-9506

      Morrisville - 197 Harrel Street, 1-800-639-8710 or (802) 888-7993

      Bradford - 22 Whistlestop Way, (802) 222-5419

      Chelsea - 2 Hillside Lane, (802) 685-3178

Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO)

      Burlington - 191 North Street, 1-800-287-7971, (802) 863-6248

      Middlebury - 700 Exchange Street, Suite 107, 1-800-639-2318 or (802)


      St. Albans - 5 Lemnah Drive, 1-800-300-7392 or (802) 527-7392

Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA)

      Newport - 70 Main Street, (802) 334-7316

      St. Johnsbury -Lincoln Street Center, (802) 748-8997

      Canaan - 216 Gail Street, (802) 266-7134

      Island Pond - Mill Street, (802) 723-6245

Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA)

      Westminster - 91 Buck Drive, 1-800-464-9951 or (802) 722-4575

      Brattleboro - 28 Vernon Street, Suite 433, (802) 254-2795

      Springfield - 365 Summer Street, (802) 885-6153

      Hartford - 220 Holiday Drive, Suite 30,(802) 295-5215

      Windsor - Windsor Community Resource Center, (802) 674-2900 (Wednesdays

      only)  Wilmington - Congregational Church on Main Street, (802) 464-7864 (first

      Tuesday of month, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm)

Warmth Support Program

Program Description:  The household must be in an emergency situation for financial assistance – such as disconnection of gas or electric service, or a fuel tank that is empty or almost empty.  The staff also assists with advocacy, repayment agreements, referral to Weatherization, etc. Operates October through May. 

Contact Person:    Peggy Treanor

Phone Number:     1-800-287-7971

FAX:                     (802) 660-3454

Organization:        Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity

Address:               PO Box 1603, Burlington, VT 05402-1603

Assistance by    Assistance is available based on service area through the five

Service Area:     Community Action Agencies listed under “Crisis Fuel Program”


Program Description:  Emergency heating fund for CVPS customers.  Funds collected by CVPS, matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000/year and then turned over to 5 Community Action Agencies statewide.  Funds are available to pay for any heating emergency (oil, propane, wood, etc.).  Operates September through May. 

Contact:                Central Vermont Public Service

Phone Number:    (802) 747-5561 or 1-800-649-2877

FAX:                     802-770-3300

Organization:        Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS)

Address:               77 Grove Street,  Rutland, VT 05701

Service Area:         CVPS Service Area (although Community Action Agencies can make exceptions when necessary).

Vermont Weatherization Assistance Program

Program Description: Weatherization Programs provides energy services designed to help homeowners and renters lower energy bills and improve comfort within their homes.  Priorities include reducing the draftiness of the home, improving insulation performance and improving the efficiency of the heating system.  This program is available at no cost to those that receive RUFA, SSI/ABD, or GA during the past 12 months or meets the income eligibility guidelines. The Vermont Weatherization Assistance Program is available at no cost to Vermont residents who meet the income guidelines, regardless of whether you own or rent your home, apartment or mobile home.  Priority is given to the elderly, people with disabilities, families with young children and high energy users.  Renters must obtain permission from your landlord for the work to be done.  Different rules apply to apartment buildings and subsidized housing.

Organization:        Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity

Address:              103 South Main St., Waterbury, VT 05671

Service Area:        Statewide

Telephone:          (802) 241-2452

Assistance by     For Bennington & Rutland Area:

Service Area:           BROC – Bennington-Rutland Opportunity Council, Inc.

Serving Bennington and Rutland Counties

60 Center Street,    Rutland, VT 05701

(802) 775-0878 or 1-800-717-2762

Bennington:  (802) 447-7515

For Central Vermont Area:

CVCAC – Central Vermont Community Action Council, Inc.

Serving Lamoille, Orange and Washington Counties

10 Gable Place,  Barre, VT 05641

(802) 476-2093 or 1-800-639-1053

  1. For the Champlain Valley Area:

CVOEO – Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, Inc.

Champlain Valley Weatherization Service

Serving Addison, Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

PO Box 1591,  Burlington, VT 05402

(802) 660-3452-or 1-800-545-1084

Middlebury: (802) 388-0373 or 1-800-639-1614

St. Albans:  (802) 524-6804 or 1-800-639-2319

For the Northeast Kingdom:

NETO – Northeast Employment and Training Organization, Inc.

Serving Caledonia, Essex and Orleans Counties

P.O. Box 186,  St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

(802) 748-8935

Newport:  (802) 334-7378

For Southeastern Vermont Area:

SEVCA – Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc.

Serving Windham and Windsor Counties

91 Buck Drive,  Westminster, VT 05158

(802) 722-4575 or 1-800-464-9951

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