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if you are interested in becoming certified to work in the heating fuel industy.

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if you are a heating fuel or heating service company that would like to participate in the Heating Fuel and Service Workforce Training Pilot Program.

Contact VFDA to learn more:



For the location of the nearest Career Resource Center, contact the Vermont Department of Labor:




Contact your local Career Resource Center.

These regional offices are located in nearly every county around the State, and the Vermont Department of Labor’s staff is ready to help you! 

Make a Plan.

A Case Manager at your local American Jobs Center will help determine whether or not you are eligible for tuition assistance, will assess your experience and interest, and will help you create a tailored path towards training and employment in the Heating Fuel Industry. 

Sign-Up for a Class.

The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association has several upcoming seminars and certification courses located around the State. They will help you find the nearest training location! 

Questions? The Vermont Department of Labor and the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association can help locate the nearest Career Resource Center, and answer any questions you may have about certification and training.