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Split the Ticket with VFDA

Every dollar raised will be matched by a local heating company to help someone in their community.

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Congressman Welch Helps "Split the Ticket"

The Split the Ticket Program has delivered nearly 75,000 gallons of heating fuel over the past ten years.

Vermont’s heating fuel and heating service providers are mostly small, family-owned businesses.

They are often the first to hear about and respond to a heating emergency in their community.

Fuel, equipment, and service donated by these local businesses are matched

with financial contributions from the community, providing heat to even more Vermonters.

All financial contributions are matched by donations of fuel, equipment, and service—none are used to administer the program.

Comments from Past Split the Ticket Recipients and Donors

When she stopped by our office, we explained to her how  Split the Ticket  worked and she replied: “I need to sit down. I’m going to faint.”

Her husband passed away and she has been burning wood. Her back has gone out and she is unable to put wood in the stove.

Our Split the Ticket recipient lost her husband four days before Christmas. She now has to raise her young boys alone and is struggling to make ends meet.

He would never ask for assistance and was so very happy and thankful that we would even think of such a thing to do for him.

She began to cry when I told her she was to receive a free delivery of fuel. She said she was ”grateful to live in a country that takes care of its people in times of need.”

Thanks to everyone that has already agreed to help VFDA Split the Ticket this winter!

April 20, 2017 — George Hauenstein & Howard Novak of the WIlliston-Richmond Rotary present Matt Cota with VFDA a $5000 donation for the Split the Ticket Fund.