A sample of notes and comments about VFDA’s Split the Ticket Program...

We received a letter today from our fuel dealer with the wonderful news that we were selected for VFDA’s split the ticket program. This could not have come at a better time. . . . With our sincerest gratitude THANK YOU!! Now THIS was wonderful and welcomed news.

The recipient of our Split the Ticket delivery lost her husband 4 days before Christmas this year. She now has to raise her young boys alone and is struggling to make ends meet. She benefited greatly from receiving our donation.

Our recipient lost his wife recently and he has been ill as well. We feel this will help relieve at least one of his many concerns at this time.

Our recipient is in her nineties and on a fixed income. It’s hard enough these days for everyone to keep their head above water in this economy, but even harder being elderly and on a fixed income. She has struggled in the past, barely able to cover her minimum deliveries, not to mention numerous service calls on her older heating unit. Recently, she received a larger fuel delivery than normal and was shocked by the total cost of her delivery. She found herself in a financial jam and stressed she would only be able to pay $100 a month in order to make ends meet. Our recipient is an ideal and much deserved candidate to receive a helping hand from this program. She began to cry when I told her the good news. She stated they were “tears of joy” and said she was grateful to live in a country that takes care of its people in times of need.

Our recipient is an elderly widow living on social security. Since her husband’s death she has struggled to keep up financially. Both of her credit cards were declined when she tried to order fuel this morning (we had placed her account on a C.O.D. basis because of her high past due balance). She is proud and reluctantly agreed to this help. We were able to radio a driver in her area to avoid a special trip.

Our recipient, a volunteer firefighter, was recently diagnosed with MS. Although it slowed him down very little at first diagnoses, it has become very apparent he is in a fight for his life. He is trying to take care of his two small children and his wife. He would never ask for help, however, being a fellow firefighter myself, thought this easily a very needy candidate for Split the Ticket. I know he will be very humbled and grateful. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide the family with such a gift.

We chose this recipient because of family health problems. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Her son got a two week leave from deployment in Afghanistan for Christmas and when we told her of this nomination she was overjoyed... it made her holiday even brighter. Thank you for your contribution.

Our Split the Ticket candidate tried to get fuel assistance but makes a measly $4.00 over the limit to receive any type of help. We thought he was a great and deserving choice. Thank you for participating in this program, it’s fantastic to help those in need.

Our recipient has just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and she has not been able to get any assistance as of yet. She was very happy to receive this fuel yesterday. We love this program and are happy to participate.

Our recipient is elderly and lives alone. I’m sure she would qualify for assistance but refuses to ask for help

Its been a very hard winter for her and keeping up with fuel cost.  Her reaction to the gift: " WONDERFUL, This has never happened before & THANK YOU VERY MUCH" Her voice was trembling.

Our recipient has been battling cancer for a couple of years and his caregiver says he has now entered into the “final stages” of the disease. He has a past due balance and does not have enough funds to even pay for a partial delivery. When his caregiver called on the morning of April 10th David was in need of oil and thanks to prompt response from VFDA’s split the ticket program we were able to provide this delivery the same morning and help keep David comfortable.

Our Split the Ticket candidate has been undergoing treatment for cancer.  He would never ask for assistance, in fact we called him first to ask if it would be okay to drop him some kerosene. He was so very happy and thankful that we would even think of such a thing to do for him and he kept thanking us until he had to hang up the phone. It made us feel better knowing that this little bit of warmth will allow him and his family to focus on those other things that are most important.

We chose this recipient because the husband was out of work a couple of months ago due to an injury. He has returned to work and they are struggling to get caught up on bills. Their income is just enough to prevent them from receiving any assistance. They are very appreciative.

Our recipient is a retired teacher.  She has no family living and thus is alone in a two and a half story single family house. Being in her 80's she lives on a small pension and social security. She has been a customer for over 50 years and struggles.

This is a young family who gets no fuel assistance. The father is out of work during the winter months. They struggle hard to keep sending payments for the oil but they only can afford partial deliveries.

Our recipient was selected as their family has been dealing with a child with cancer. She has always paid her bills, but we felt that we might be able to make things a bit easier for the family financially. Thank you for your continued dedication in helping us service our customers.

Our Split the Ticket recipient lost everything to Hurricane Irene and we felt he could use a little bit of good luck. Thank you for helping this worthy recipient.

They have always worked very hard to pay their bills in a timely manner but times are tough. When calling with the news that they were selected for this program you could hear the excitement in her voice. She was definitely grateful and kept saying thank you over and over. We are happy to be involved in such a great program!

This recipient received a new heating system. Again thanks for the support of the Split the Ticket program. You have made a family very happy and no longer afraid of winter.

Our recipient is a disabled woman who lives alone. She only orders 100 gallons at a time when she knows she has the money to pay. When she received her fuel assistance this year it was very minimal, but she told me she was very happy with whatever she could get. Not one ounce of disappointment. After we delivered her 150 gallons yesterday she called me SO excited and happy. She just couldn’t believe we had chosen her for the free 150 gallons. She was so happy she could not stop thanking us.

We love this program and are happy to participate and be able to choose the client each year. Thanks for all your hard work getting companies to sponsor this great program.