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The 1-cent per gallon Petroleum Distributors Licensing Fee (PDLF) is paid on all gallons of heating oil, kerosene, and dyed diesel delivered in bulk in Vermont. There are no municipal, agricultural, or manufacturing exemptions from the PDLF.  The only exempt sales are those from a stationary pump and sales for re-sale. The PDLF is NOT assessed on sales of propane. Revenue from the PDLF goes to the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF), which helps pay for pollution remediation and pro-active measures to reduce the occurrence of fuel spills.

Vermontʼs Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) rules were first adopted in 2011. These rules regulate the design and installation of heating oil and kerosene tanks. They also provide spill prevention and inspection requirements for both tank owners and fuel suppliers.  An updated version of these regulations went into effect on August 15, 2017.

The regulation clarifies when a fuel dealer must red-tag a tank, requires all property owners to have their tanks inspected at least once every three years, and requires a solid foundation under all tanks no later than 2030.

The final regulation can be found here. Oilheat and kerosene customers can find a summary here.

Heating fuel dealers that want to know more about the regulation can click here  

to access the AST FAQ on VFDA's Keys to Compliance website.

Contact VFDA if you don't have a user name and password.  Or send us a message to become a member of VFDA.         802-230-4722       Click here to learn more about VFDA Membership.

Click here for VFDA's low cost and no-cost AST Compliance and consumer education materials.

An inspection sheet for EXISTING tanks can be found here.

An inspection sheet for NEW tanks can be found here.

Photos of outdoor tank shelters can be found here.